Ok so i've been working on the low-poly head some more.

I've now completed the mouth and eyes, I'm happy with the mouth, but the area around the eyes was tricky and again I think I have too many edges. I've getting better and using the contraints when adjusting vertices, but its very tricky when things get crowded.

I'll keep pushing on.

So i've decided to have a crack the modelling a low-ploy head/face. Again I will be following a tutorial but I will try give it a bit of my own 'flavor' where possible.

I've started with a box and using vertex maniuplation moulded the basic head shape. Using many of the edge tools such as 'cut' and 'connect' I began creating additional polys for the nose. I found that I ended up with way to many edges and polys but slowly worked at it and removed what I didnt need. (Lots of patience was needed)

Must alway remember to keep to four-sided polys whenever possible.

So now the head has a nose...

Low Poly Head with Nose

I have been making my way through the supplied 3DS Max tutorials for Modelling.

I figure modelling is a good base to start with and it was also what I remembered most about from all the years ago.

I've definately got the hang of driving around the viewports, the two basic models below probably took me about 4-5 hours in total to complete. I find myself being a little bit fussy which is maybe holding be back a little bit. I'm trying to perfectly position every vertex, which is not really nessacary with these low-poly models. There are so many tools and options, it is very overwhelming. But I think I am getting the hang of vertex and edge manipulation.

Knight Chess Piece
Built with a spine cage and the Symmetry modifier.

P38 Fighter Plane
Modelled using transformed primitives, bend modifier used on the wings.
I was happy how this one turned out.

Welcome Reader,

My goal with this blog is to record my experiences while learning the endlessly challenging world of 3D Art.

I first became interested in all things 3D when I was about 15 and I would spend hours designing levels for the 1st person shooter game 'Doom'.

I then went on to study Computer Science and Multimedia at the University of South Australia. There learned many different skills in IT from programming to database design, photoshop, Flash, Director and 3D Studio Max.

For my 4th year honours project I created my own OpenGL 3D gaming engine using C++ and models created in 3D Studio.

After graduating I started my career in the IT industry and as software consultant and have been in similar roles for the past 7 years. I am now part owner of a successful software company.

Up until 6 months ago I had not even looked at 3D Design application, but after looking at some of my old university work I quickly found my inspiration to get back my lost skills and hopefully grow them further.

I have started making my way through various tutorials in AutoDesk 3DS 2010 (formally 3ds max). I am hoping by recording my work and thoughts in this blogg it will help me retain more information as I learn.

I look forward to anyones comments, especially anyone who has a passion for 3D art and design.

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