Hello readers! As previously posted I have been on a long break from any 3d work. I have been busy with work and private life etc. I had thought I had lost a lot of my previous work during a rebuild of my PC, but I'm happy to say that being a good IT nerd like I am I backed it up and I still have it all ! Yay! So i've started a new project, modelling a Ferrari F430, yes another car I know and I didnt even finish the mustang!! But I managed to find some inspiration and get back into modelling. Good news is I havent forgotten everything I've learnt so far so I've made some fairly quick progress I think. I've nearly completed the front end of the car and I've recently found how useful the 'Swift Loop' tool is in 3DS Max, great for quickly creating those edge loops for hard surfaces. Here is what she is looking like thus far!
Hi Readers,

I havnt made an update in a long long time which is a shame I know.

I had some serious techinical issues an have lost a lot of my work :( :(

I will endevour to find some inspiration and get back on track soon.
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