I have completed the first full render of my demon character with some minor post production in photoshop. I pretty happy with this final image and it was a lot of fun to create. Zbrush is definitely my application of choice right now. I've also posted a turntable of the sculpt below.

Demon Full Render #1

Zbrush Turntable

So i decided to go with a jagged sword for my demon character. This is really my first attempt and any hard surface modelling in zbrush. I originally started with a base mesh in 3ds max, but I ended up sculpting the whole thing in zbrush. It could definitely do with some more detailing but considering its really just an accessory, i'll leave it here.

I'm really having fun with this demon character! It was initially just going to be a learning piece but i've add a lot of my own flare to it and spent quite a few hours on it. I'm really loving zbrush now, it definitely has some frustrating points, i'm still not convinced the transpose tools are designed that well, but its become a lot easier and faster to work with.

Here is a couple of screenys from my latest work.

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