Been a while between posts, but nothing new there. I've been working on a new project and I said this before but this time it is going to be a lengthy and more complex project. I'm not going to give too much away but I plan to render the final scene out in 3DS Max. I'll also sculpt some parts in Zbrush so there will be a big learning curve on the pipeline between the two systems,

I've been following some sculpting tutorials on Digital Tutors and I've pretty much completed the base sculpt which as I hope you can see is a goblin. 

I wanted this character to be frail and emaciated, as opposed to the typical bulky warrior type. I also wanted him to be old, which will hopefully set off the entire scene nicely.

Heres a few WIP shots then a test render of the naked goblin at the end.

Accessories and 3DS Max testing next!

Initial base mesh with minor sculpting

Some more sculpted details

Adding gums and teeth

More detail, sub div 4 here I think.

Base polypaint

ZBrush Render

Hi Readers.

I've completed my latest project! I've called it 'Cool Kitty' it is a stylized portrait of my own pet cat 'Axon' so the coloring's etc match his own.

I mainly started this project to learn more about the creation of hair and fur. Just like my last project this was rendered entirely in Zbrush and all the hair and fur was completed with Fibermesh!

So I haven't posted any WIP shots of this project so I'll string some together now on how the image was created.

WIP #1 - Base Mesh

This is the base mesh as it was stylized I didnt add too much detail here. I also new there was going to be a lot of fur. Looking at this now I think the arms are a little long.

WIP #2 - Posing

Heres where I was playing around with the pose. I wanted something that would express a certain 'feel' I looked at a bunch of images of people winking and cheesy poses. This was the final pose I came up with, but I wasn't sure what he would be leaning on at that point.

WIP #2 - Fibermesh

So the fibermesh ended up being about 5 separate sub-tools of varying length and style. I also used a lot of 3D layers to manage the styling. It was a lot of fun to work through this part. I must say though I found the 3D layers to be a bit buggy when working with fibermesh.

WIP #2 - More Fibermesh

This time more length just playing with it.

WIP #2 - Polypaint

So as with most projects containing something new for me I always find out a better way to do things down the track. If you polypaint the base mesh first the fibermesh will take on the colours underneath!! This would have saved a lot of time for me. But alas I had to paint multiple sub-tools to get the colours I wanted.

WIP #2 - Accessories
This was the process of creating the collar which I created using various 'Insert-multimesh' brushes. You can achieve some really cool results quickly with these brushes. There is a tonne of awesome free ones found here.

I'll post some detail about post production in photoshop soon along with some of my own personal critique about the final image.

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